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The comic book series The Umbrella Academy, which was first published in 2007 by Dark Horse Comics with the stories of Gerard Way and Gabrie l BA’s excellent drawings, was among the comic strips I could not afford. Netflix, I was sure that the series would be very different from the comic book. Was that so?

Yeah. Let us put aside the fact that there is nothing about the comics except for a few references. Except of the universe and the characters. Of course I didn’t expect one-to-one adaptation, but a Netflix series budget would not be enough to produce. That’s why I tried to follow Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy as a series on its own, not a comic book adaptation. Although he started to look a little better, he couldn’t completely forget the comic book. That is why the article will not only feature The Umbrella Academy, but also a lot of comic book comics.

First of all, the choice of players who played characters other than Allison was very successful. In particular, Robert Sheehan, who plays Klaus, has literally dumped it. She has reflected the character’s impotence very well. At least this successful performer Ellen Page, I knew it would be appropriate to Vanya as soon as I saw her take part in the series. The tension he felt in every scene he took place undoubtedly showed the best performance. Only character without name Five-year-old actor Aiden Gallagher was certainly one of the leading performers.

The series is the subject of The Umbrella Academy: Apocalypse Suite, but there are characters and elements from the TUA: Dallas series; Hazel, Cha-Cha, Time Commission. The beginning of the apocalyptic rupture and the need to be prevented was described very nicely at the beginning, but as the divisions progressed, the subject was so distracted that the series did not know where to go. Coming from an enemy of Sir Reginal Hargreeves, Vanya evolves into ide super-abuse Academy in a comic book. I liked this transformation more in the series because Leonard’s background and motivation were very well explained, but what really turned Vanya into a super-bad is the same in both cases: exclusion. Members of The Umbrella Academy, Vanya, with whom they have grown together for years,

The importance of being a permanent family throughout the season is already emphasized, but it is the seven people who have been forced together by a wealthy man, who is in reality, and together they are all hateful. I mean, there’s a family, but no ties. Of course, allison and Luther strangled me every time this duo coexist, and there was so much to focus on u like a sting u we watched their unnecessary romance. This is the result of the series becoming unknown. Focus on characters rather than subjects. Therefore, after a few days of doomsday will know that nobody is in danger. One of the man who manipulates her lover withdrew, one wants to find the head of the murderer’s wife, the romance seeker. The only character really sane Five. When this is the case, you don’t care what happens to the characters. The only moment I was worried about during the season was the scene in the donut shop where the woman returned from the dead. As I said, the point of escape of the subject that could not reach the point was to focus on the characters, but this would have been supported by the character development. The only character that had progressed throughout the season, Klaus, was the best thing the series did.

At the beginning of each issue in the comic book is the notes of Sir Reginald Hargreeves. These notes usually contain information about characters. This information in the series a little bit of the characters, but I found a very important point in the series was not surprised to mention the point. Sir Reginald has numbered every child in reverse, meaning he is the most gifted. Seven, Vanya. The ability is the least important. One, Luther. Although this is not mentioned in the series, the accuracy of this ranking is obvious. We see how powerful Vanya is. Luther shows how weak and unnecessary the character is from the first part. Only No. As he is the One, he sees himself as the leader of the team, but in almost every case he is fooling around. Vanya ‘s not even listening to his brothers It was Luther who also took the monster inside him. Another Umbrella Academy member I found weak in character, Allison. In spite of having one of the most important talents, the subjects of Allison are the mother and the strange relationship with Luther.

Because of Netflix’s habit of coming from other superhero series, The Umbrella Academy has a story that can be told in five chapters. Although Hazel and Cha-Cha were very entertaining characters, I felt that many of their scenes were unnecessarily long. These scenes, I think, were the biggest obstacle in front of the series. The fact that the characters act so hard on their heads is also one of the coercion points of the series. When six people get together and communicate properly, the problem will be solved in only five chapters.

Hargreeves aimed to reassemble the Umbrella Academy by committing suicide, but I think this is the biggest break point in the story, because if Hargreeves hadn’t committed suicide, Klaus wouldn’t have stolen that box and Reginald’s diary wouldn’t have been captured by Leonard. Thus Vanya’s forces remained hidden and no doomsday. I can’t make sense, No. According to Five, Vanya is somehow causing the apocalypse. But unfortunately, the series “No. Five knows how?” the answer to the question is hidden by a critical detail.

Although the series was very different from the comic book, the references were very nice. The nickname of Spaceboy, the Eiffel Tower event, White Violin section name, Dolores where nobody can understand, using Allison’s powers to manipulate people for their own interests. I strongly recommend the comics. The Umbrella Academy has another series, Hotel Oblivion, which is still in progress, other than the Apocalypse Suite and Dallas. Dallas, the Apocalypse Suite after the events that is going through a likely second season is likely to be adapted from TUA: Dallas.

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